TYR Running Visor - Black
TYR RUNNING VISOR Constructed with Quick Drying fabic, the Running Visor ensures you stay dry and comfortable, while also shielding your eyes from the sun. Equipped with a soft velcro adjuster, this running hat will stay snug and secure from your warm...
  • Black
TYR Soft Silicone Ear Plugs
TYR SOFT SILICONE EAR PLUGS DETAILS: Engineered for swimmers on all levels, the Soft Silicone ear plugs can be molded to accommodate different ear sizes and are designed to create a secure tight seal that prevents water from entering the...
TYR Silicone Molded Ear Plugs
TYR SILICONE MOLDED EAR PLUGS The Silicone Molded Ear Plugs feature a hollow stem, to ensure minimal hearing disruption while swimming. Engineered to block water from entering the ears, the Silicone Ear Plugs are specially shaped to fit left and...
₱199.00 ₱159.20
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