TYR Riptide Drag Chute
TYR RIPTIDE DRAG CHUTE Designed for controlled resistance training, the TYR Riptide Drag Chute parachute catches water at starts and turns for athletes looking to strengthen their practice regimen. For comfort during extended sessions, this lightweight product also includes a...
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TYR Inflatable Kickboard
TYR INFLATABLE KICKBOARD A one-way quick inflation valve, this state of the art product prevents air leak during inflation. Maintains the same buoyancy as the TYR Classic Kickboard, so athletes can rest assured they are getting the best workout possible. Get...
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TYR Riptide Kickboard Dragchute
TYR RIPTIDE KICKBOARD DRAGCHUTE Easily catches water as a swimmer moves through their kick With adjustable clips and a waterproof construction, this product attaches to most standard, full-sized kickboards Collapsible for space-saving storage Get your TYR Riptide Kickboard Dragchute at tyr.com.ph!...
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TYR Classic Kickboard
TYR CLASSIC KICKBOARD Engineered for swimmers on all levels Perfect training aid for swim training and aquatic exercise routines Designed to build leg strength, it immobilizes the arms and isolates the legs so your body works harder with every kick...
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TYR Kickboard Junior
TYR KICKBOARD JUNIOR Showcases a smaller design to decrease impact on shoulders Engineered for children, young adults and smaller swimmers Perfect training aid for practicing kicks, exercise routines and building leg strength Constructed of durable, closed cell EVA foam, for...
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TYR Hydrofoil Kickboard
TYR HYDROFOIL KICKBOARD Provides a natural body position in the water, that's true to race form Provides enhanced control over kinetic movement, allowing the upper body to move and roll in cadence with the lower body, for a realistic kicking...
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